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My Holiday Wishlist

abbers44 is forcing me to write this, just so you all don't think I'm being greedy or anything. *g*

There is no need to, you know, actually fufill any of these wishes. They range from the small and possible to the highly improbably:

*iTunes giftcard with which to buy many delightful songs

*more paid lj/extra icons time, because I'm afeared of running out before I manage to get more money sent in.

*To get into and be able to afford one of my top choice colleges.

*To be a second semester senior. Damnit, it can't come soon enough.

*A really nice Gryf and/or Slyth scarf. I have some I knitted myself that I like (particularly my Slyth one :D) but I always wanted one of those really nice but rather pricey ones.

*Rupert Grint to visit Ohio, fall in love with me at first sight, and then take me back to England with him where we will live blissfully in a castle. This is one of the small and possible ones. *nod nod*

*Lots and lots of holiday mail from y'all!

*More nutella. I haven't had any in forever.

*A quill and/or fountain pen. That would be so incredibly cool.

*A new notebook. Filled up my old one during NaNo.

*The British editions of the HP books. I only have CoS and PoA, which makes me feel like a failure of an obsessive fan.

*Shirts with cool things written on them. I'm a sucker for nifty shirts.

*picspam and phoneposts all the time!

*Internet fame and fortune. *vbg*

*To meet you all. To drive around the country picking you up, fly across the ocean to grab the rest, and then have the subbit now.

*A good recipe for (non-alcoholic) butterbeer

*Mittens. I need new mittens.

*World peace

*Barring that, to be fully caffeinated for the rest of my life. (Aka coffee and chocolate! :D)

Oh, and I got to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Saturday. Yell at me if you have any interest in hearing my opinion on it.

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