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Of Books and H/G

I'm now fairly well into my great summer read-a-thon AKA finding something to do during summerschool. The list now includes:


1. Girl With A Pearl Earing

2. Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right

3. Princess Bride

4. The Golden Compass

5. The Subtle Knife

6. The Amber Spyglass

7. Lyra’s Oxford

8. Frankenstien or The Modern Prometheus (Just started)


Speaking of summer reading, I've got a question mainly for fernwithy , but anyone can pipe in if you want to. I wanted to start reading some Stephen King, because, as bisforbecky  put it "I haven't read any Stephen King... I think I'm just not human or something." :P Anywho, what's a good one to start on? I have absolutely no idea.


As I said in an earlier post, I starting with (among other things) a reread of the His Dark Materials trilogy. I just finished the Amber Spyglass the other day, and during the reread one of the things I realized is that I remembered very little except the basic plot outline and the ending.

Ramblings about His Dark Materials and Ships: (I've tried to keep it spoiler free, though)

When I first started reading I remembered one of themorningstarr 's icons that had a picture of Will and Lyra (drawn by Marta/seviet , I think) that said overtop "Will/Lyra, like H/Hr, only it isn't" or something along those lines. I suppose the militant shipper in me has kept that thought in the back of my brain the whole time I read, but I have decided that I think Will/Lyra can be most closely compared to Harry/Hermione, but rather Harry/Ginny. Granted I actually have no idea where that phrase came from, so I might just be talking for no reason ;)

Now, asking me whether I'm biased against H/Hr and toward H/G is like asking Michael Moore if he's biased against Bush :P but here's my reasoning:

I've decided that Will and Lyra's characters are something like the result of taking Harry and Ginny's characters, mushing them together, then pulling them apart into two separate people again. Lyra is like Ginny in a lot of ways, she's a good liar, she is self-reliant, she can "run with the boys". You can also compare her experience with Roger, Mrs. Coulter, and Lord Asriel in the Golden Compass with Ginny's experience in the Chamber, sure the "villains"aren’t quite as evil as Lord Thingy, but the betrayal from a person/people she trusted rings the same.

The Will-Harry connection (whoops, almost wrote Will/Harry there... that’s a scary though :P) is also fairly apparent. Especially the line in Amber Spyglass, I think, about the intensity behind Will’s stare that just sounded so Harry.

Let’s just hope H/G... wait... I was trying to avoid spoilers. Well, those of you who have read the end know what we should hope for in HP.

In other news, I’ve been so bored recently in summer school, that aside from my summer read-a-thon, I've also been knitting myself a Slytherin scard, for when I'm feeling especially foul tempered or ambitious :P It should go nicely with the hand-knitted Gryffindor Scarf and my hand-knitted Chudley Cannons scarf. A note for all of you, a good way to see if someone is a true Harry Potter fan is to wear a bright orange Chudley Cannons scarf. True fans will realize what it is on their own, while others will ask you "why in God's name are you wearing a hunting scarf all the time?" :P


I plan on starting a pair of SOX next. What do you all think about colors? Should I go Gryffindor red? Should I follow Dobby's advice and make them appropriately non-matching? Should I package them up when I'm done, catch an owl, and send them off to Dumbledore as a very early Christmas present? Siriusly, though, I'm open to suggestions about color, yarn type, etc.  


Finally, I leave you with this: I love Franz Ferdinand. I just discovered them thanks to a friend and am now listening to their CD nonstop. It's kinda sad, really.

This is where I wanna be, so heavenly
So come and dance with me Michael
So sexy, I'm sexy
So come and dance with me Michael
Michael, you're the boy with all the leather hips
Sticky hair, sticky hips, stubble on my sticky lips
Michael, you're the only one I'd ever want
Only one I'd ever want, only one I'd ever want
Beautiful boys on a beautiful dancefloor
Michael, you're dancing like a beautiful dance whore
Michael waiting on a silver platter now
And nothing matters now
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