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Ugh. Torch week. And college apps. And I'm sick. *coughs up a lung*

And all I really want to do (for once!) is NaNo but I have no time! Looks like I won't be sleeping again tonight. Le sigh.

I leave you with this:

She only drinks coffee at midnight
when the moment is not right.
Her timing is quite, unusual.

Since you clicked the cut you have to repost this using one of the following as a cut:

1. Missy got me pregnant.
2. I made love to Missy last night.
3. My boy/girl friend turned out to be gay.
4. I got laid last night.
5. My mom called me a whore.
6. My mom found out I'm pregnant.
7. My girlfriend is pregnant.
8. Tips on giving head
9. Pussy eating 101
10. My dad found one of my used condoms.

Stolen from bribitribbit

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