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What do people really think of your LJ?
LJ Username
People think your journal is s00per kewliez
Actually hates you : talimeeka
Wants to be you : jiminyc
Wants to get in your pants : daydreamer73
Isn't a real person : katinka31
Percentage of your journal that isn't boring - 2%
This quiz by mayfair - Taken 6730 Times. </a></font>

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talimeeka ! :( How sad... te he he.  Misty? Well, let's just say I don't swing that way ;) no matter how in need of a good make out session I am. :P And katinka31 , whatever artificial intelligence auto-write program thingy you used to write Interwoven I want it!

Oh, and I've discovered irrefutable evidence towards the "Ron is evil" theory.
Harry Potter Casting With Your LJ Friends
LJ Username
Harry Potter seviet
Ron Weasley jiminyc
Hermione Granger talimeeka
Draco Malfoy katinka31
Albus Dumbledore horizons_icons
You-Know-Who jiminyc
This quiz by cho_malfoy - Taken 4101 Times. </a>
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There you go, not only is Ron evil (and apparently jiminyc he actually is Lord Thingy. I hope Hermione doesn't mind marrying a dark lord. :P

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