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Holy Flying Hippogriffs!

Blast, I should have known that was why this week was going so half-way decently. :P

It's my quilliversary, y'all! Time to party like it be 1987.

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Yeah, my dad woke me up yesterday morning by thrusting my SAT scores in my face. This had the negative effect of making my think it was 8 and I was late for school (they weren't supposed to be available online until 8), but luckily it was only 6:45 and I was not late. (Well, if you consider being awake at 6:45 lucky, that is. :/) Anyway... let's just say I think all early mornings should begin that way. I was considerably more awake and happy during 1st period than I normally am. *vvbg*

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go look at my scores again. ;)

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