robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

Haiku's, HP directors, and some LotR memeage

First off, for "Blog Haiku Day":


Was gone all weekend
Playing ball in hot weather.
Clean clothes are no more.


My town is crazy.
It celebrates on the 5th
Our Indepenence.


The reason for this
Was Church. They couldn't just switch
To the afternoon.


Parade was fun, though,
With fun and colorful floats.
Lots of candy, too. :D


That was fun :)

Second: I was reading the comments on TLC about a spoof article that said Michael Moore would be directing HP6. *secretly wishes he would* There was one comment that was just too good to pass up....

"I heard Mel Gibson was going to direct it and do it all in Parseltongue. "

asdklj;aslkdja;slkdjf d  Oh man. I was laughing forever over that one!


And finally, some LotR memeage gakked from fernwithy  and ashtur



</td> </td> </td>
When did you first get into LOTR?: My mom read me the Hobbit and FotR in 4th grade, but at that point I think it was a little beyond me. I really got into them when I read the whole series on my own a few months before the movies came out.
How did you become a LOTR fan?:

Decided I should read the whole series when I heard about Jackson's movies being made. I got into it after that.

Have you read the books?: Of course
How many times?: Hobbit- 2, FotR- 3 or 4, TT and RotK- 8, I think.
Have you seen the movies?:All of the Jackson ones, which I loved. (I liked some of the changes, and though I did strongly disagree with others *coughFaramircough* I still really enjoyed the movies.) I've also seen the animated Hobbit one once.
Have you seen the movies?: All the Jackson ones and the animated Hobbit. Loved them despite (and sometimes because of) the changes. Loathed the change in Faramir, though.
How many times?: Have lost count.
What are you- fangirl, book nerd, or something else?: Fangirl, I suppose, although you could call me a dilettante book nerd. :D
Do you wish you lived in Middle Earth?: No, only because then I couldn't live in wizarding London *g*
This or That
Legolas/Aragorn?: Legolas
Frodo/Sam?: Sam
Pippin/Merry?: Pippin
Faramir/Boromir?: Faramir
Hobbits/elves/men?: hobbits
The Shire/Rivendell?: The Shire
Rivendell/Lothlorien?: Rivendell
lembas bread/potatoes?: lembas
swords/bow-and-arrows?: bow-and-arrow
Eowyn/Arwen?: Eowyn
Who is your overall favorite character?: Sam
Favorite elf?: Legolas
Favorite hobbit?: Pippin *looks at favorite character* Don't ask *g*
Favorite human?: Aragorn
Favorite female character?: Eowyn
Favorite male character?: Sam
Favorite quote?: "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you and it as well."
"Well, be off with you!" said Rosie. "If you've been looking after Mr. Frodo all this while, what d'you want to leave him for, as soon as things look dangerous?"
Favorite lotr actor?: Orlando Bloom *drools* or  Ian McKellen
Favorite LOTR actress?: Peter Jackson's daughter *g* Oh, you meant with main parts? What's her face who played Eowyn.
Favorite race? (hobbits, dwarves, wizards, etc.): hobbits
Favorite scene(s)?:
Either of the one's surrounding the above quotes, plus anything with Merry and/or Pippin in it.
Which is best: FOTR, TTT, or ROTK?: Hmmmm... either the first half of Two Towers (otherwise known as book three) or all of RotK.
Do you clutter your room with LOTR stuff?: Not clutter, but there's a bit. 
Were you disappointed with anything in LOTR?: Frodo leaving, but that's probably because I'm a sucker for happy endings, and that was a bit too bittersweet. Then again, I always cry at the end, so it does provide a nice little bit of catharsis. 
Have you met any of the actors?: No, unfortunately.
Do you swoon over the actors? (Because I do. :D): yeah *g*
How big of a fan are you?: Medium compared to the fandom as a whole, huge compared to my friends at home.
Have you ever dressed up in LOTR costume?: Nope
If you could be any LOTR character, who would you want to be? And why?: Elanor Gamgee, because Sam is her father, and how cool is that?!
Did you cry during any of the movies?: No, I do all my crying at the books, but my heart did start pounding pretty hard when Gandalf came over the hill during the battle of Helm's deep. (One of the changes I liked was how big Jackson made Helms Deep.)
Did you enjoy my survey?: yup
Buh bye. :): bye *waves*



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