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Just a little act of sabatage

From emmagrant01 who got it from jedirita

(Quoted from Jedirita's LJ)

Dear friends,

My local Clear Channel-controlled media outlet is doing one of those stupid online polls on the proposed state constitutional amendment that would define marriage as only "one man and one woman."

If you want to participate in a largely meaningless but fun act of sabotage, please go to and vote NO in their instapoll "Do you support the gay marriage ban?"

Avast ye! Prepare to be boarded! Arrrr!!!

--Jedi Pirate Rita

Come on folks, let's show those morons the power of eljay. *vbg*

Also, for all my Texas friends, please for the love of god do something to combat Proposition 2. We effed up here in Ohio, don't let your state do the same. *huggles all her (incredibly sane and rational!) Texas friends* :)

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