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Okay, so there weren't any polar bears in this episode, but still!

Ack, the box ate Kate! Also, the box was very big. I definitely did not think that all of that could fit in that space. Also, I really and truly love Jack. He is so Harry-ish, it's utterly adorable. Really, I'd have to go with Jack being the Harry and Charlie being the Ron. (Sawyer is so Draco :P)

Anywho, did Crazy Australian Man remind anyone of Crazy Gary Oldman? *g* Crazy Australian Guy is pretty cool though. I enjoy his taste in music.

And a few questions: Did it seem to anyone like either a) Locke was purposfully dropping the rope a bit or b) something in the jungle was shoving the rope forward out of his hands? And where did Kate go? Did the boxy thing really eat her? Did Crazy Australian Man? Is she just having tea and biscuits in the dining room while Jack and Crazy Australian Man shoot guns at each other? There are so many questions and so few answers.

So yeah, there you go. My incoherent ramblings. Really incoherent. :D


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