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The not at all bragging post for purposes other than bragging OR why I LOVE my mom!

Thanks to my previous call for help finding books for summer reading (and there's still an open call for help to anyone who hasn't done so yet!) I was reminded by Talimeeka that I hadn't read the His Dark Materials trilogy in absolutely forever. I decided that my first summer "project" would be to re-read the series. Since it had been so long, and I had been fairly young when I originally read the books, it's been really fun reading them again. Almost like reading them for the first time, as I remembered very little. The best part, however, was first opening my copy of The Golden Compass and remembering the it is signed by Philip Pullman himself.


Completely non-bragging photo of said signature ;)


"With my best wishes to Ellen -- Philip Pullman"

Yep, my name, written by Philip Pullman himself. I was such a nice surprise to open the book and find that there. I had completely forgotten about it! You see, my mom works for one of the larger papers in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch, as a book reviewer/arts editor. She got to interview Philip Pullman about the series, and got the book signed for me when she met with him.


I'm so lucky, my moms gets to interview a lot of really famous authors for her job. Just a few weeks ago she interviewed a man who works at a branch of the Ohio State University library. The man served as a source guide for Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code.


She even got to interview the goddess herself once. Yes, my mom has met JK Rowling. Yes, my copy of PoA has been touched by the one who wrote it. Yes, I sometimes hug my book. :D


The completely non-bragging... oh, who am I kidding!


JK Rowling, confirming that, yes, she has met my mom. :D


For all your plagiarizing needs... I mean... ;)


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