robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

It's really late at ni-ight...

Dearest F-list,

Thank you all so much for the luck and well wishes that actually managed to make me giggle half an hour before a seating audition, which is really something. (I loved the text message, Abbey :P) I think I ended up doing fairly well. The first two excerpts I played went smashingly, but I screwed up the really difficult shift in the last one. It sucked, because even though that shift is really random and hard I can usually do it. But my hands were shaking so I ended up off by a couple of notes, which rather sucks. Stupid two shifts in 3 sixteenth notes. Anyway, I do think it went well overall.

Tonight I went to see Forty-Year-Old virgin with _iliveinabox. The movie was pretty damn funny, with the most random ending ever. *g* It's funny, but that was the first R-rated movie I've gone to see since I turned 17 last February. I'm such a loser. ;) It's a bit sad because I thought for a while Brokeback Mountain would end up being my first legal R-rated move, which would have been awesome, but alas. I shall have to deal with the fact that all I'll get out of that movie is Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal making out for two hours. How aweful. *vbg*

Honestly, I think I'm going to end up living in a movie theatre this November, taking breaks from watching Rent/Brokeback Mountain/Goblet of Fire in order to madly write for NaNo. And finish up college Apps. Damn.

Speaking of GoF, I'm rather peeved because I just got tickets in the mail for an early showing of The Corpse Bride (they were supposed to make up for ones I didn't get to use for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which got filled up before I could get a seat *grumble*) but the early showing is on a Wednesday night so I can't go. (I've got Youth rehersal then.)

Is it sad that I'm less upset about missing the movie than I am about missing the GoF trailer that will be shown before it? :P

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