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Woo hoo! Annoying people got off the computer!

Yay! I have comandeered a computer! *everyone rejoices* *okay, maybe just me*

So I'm sitting here -well, actually I'm standing here- in an internet cafe in a little Beach resort in South Carolina. The weather's been wonderful, a little overcast today and some sporadic showers yesterday, but other than that almost entirely sunny and wonderful. Plus I've managed to not get sunburned! And I'm a little less pasty and looking as if I spend all my time at a computer! (Which I do, but it tends to leave a slight impression of albinism.... :P)

The beach is sooooo relaxing. All I'm doing is laying back in a chair, under a big umbrella and reading with the backdrop of a beautiful ocean. Heaven.

oooh, and I get to go on a boat ride tomorrow! My uncle (their family came as well) owns a boat back home, so we're going to rent one tomorrow and he's going to take us out. I swear that, no matter how annoying I get and no matter how many times they threaten to throw me overboard, I will act like a pirate the entire time. I will also scan the seas for sight of the Good ship and stick my head underwater in search of Guns 'n' handcuffs our little sub. *vbg*

Also, I've outlined a ton of my new Draco fic. Abbey, I might have to accost you with this, to see if my Draco stands up to your standards. I fear I might be developing a sick enjoyment of torturing Draco. I've given the kid so many family issues, I'm worried he'll need some serious therapy by the time I'm done with him. Oh well. ;)

Anywhoodly, I should probably go. We're going to my aunt and uncles condo for dinner tonight. Yum.

I miss you all muchly, and I'll see you Saturday evening. (Oh, I just realized I'll be back in time for the SQ87 chat! Y'all better be there around 7 or so, else there'll be hell to pay! Arrr, matey.)

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