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Just a quick note from your friends at F_W

(note, this post now includes HBP spoilers)

left by an anonymouse at F_W:

Do you think Rowling will stop sacrificing small furry woodland creatures to her Voodoo gods any time soon?

I eat babies

Well, I would like some answers here people!

ETA: There's also this little gem of a thread:

Mister_terrific says: Pity it was taken down.

No doubt in the revised version, Dumbledore shot a spell at Snape first.

alpheratz responds with this icon: Image hosted by


ETA AGAIN! Look at this gem from the "Harmony version" of HBP! It's fantastic!

Hermione pulled her gaze away from Harry and turned to Ron, whom she knew hated being left out of Slughorn’s clique. "Oh, look — they've got deluxe chocolate frogs — !"

Now that, my friends, is a thing of beauty.

(In other news, I leave on vacation tomorrow. Mmmm... beachy goodness. Mmmm... sunburn. Mmmm... sand finding it's way into unmentionable places. Anywho, should you want to contact me, do so in the usual way. Okay, not the internet so maybe not the usual way. But my cell phone will work as well, so you could try that. :D And now, I really do have to go pack.)
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