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In other news, I've got new socks on. Just kidding. But I did go out for breakfast at 8 this morning with _iliveinabox and piquing_tom. We went to Bob Evans and it was very, very delicious. However, we also stayed up until 2am the night before, so now I am very, very tired. Oh well, the eggs and sausage made up for the lack of sleep. And there is always coffee.

Oooh, there's another one for Ellen now. Last time there was only one! I guess my name isn't Sue-y enough... *le sigh*

Playing With Fire by Eleventy Nine

Ellen, a sixth year Ravenclaw, finds an enemy in Professor Snape during the first week back from the summer holidays. As time wears on, however, their feelings begin to change from hatred, to lust. Adult content in later chapters, rating WILL go up.

Oh. Dude, that's just gross. I mean really.

Ellen Potter and the Phoenix's Fire by Klutzy Ravenclaw Dudette

When they are killed by Voldermort, Dumbledore gives Harry and Hermione's daughter, Ellen, to Hermione's parents to raise.Like her father she vanquished Voldermort. Raised by her caring grandparents, Ellen knows nothing about the wizarding world until she

I can't decide if being Harry and Hermione's daughter is more or less disgusting than being Snapes lover.... :P

And a few for Ella:

Tales From a Basket Case by ducksrockmysocks reviews

I accidently turned Ella into a pink flimgo in charms today. Sirius has decided her new name is 'the bright pink tropical bird formally known as Ella Bell'" Lily and James,the story is much better than the summery,I promise

*snort* Okay, so I don't think Ella is actually a Sue in this, but I couldn't resist. Dude! I get turned into a FLAMINGO! (Or a flimgo... hmm, I wonder what that is.) Also, you'd think Sirius would think of a slightly cleverer nickname.

Snape, sex symbol by DOCTOR NO

Someone sends a picture of Snape for a beauty contest and he turns out to be the HAPPY winner. Will Ella Le Beau, a famous beautician, be able to shampoo Snivellus? And what about botox injections, nose surgery and even…depilation. AU, OOC, slash.

*dies* Is it bad that I'm seriously tempted to read this one? *dies again*

Sacred Sins by ozschickwillow reviews

A series named 'Sacred Sins'. Draco must find out what is wrong with Ella, and try to find a way defeat that thing before it consumes her. The Fab three are background characters in this story...

Hmmm... I like where this Draco/Ella thing is going.... Also, "the Fab Three"? Did anyone else just get visions of the Gryffindor Eye for the Dark Lord Guy or something? 'Cause that would be a fantastic thing indeed.

Oh man, there are so many of these! The theme of the day seems to be either Harry and Hermione's daughter or Snapes lover/best friend/hair dresser. Oy.

Last one:

Dumbledore's Daughter by Dulcis Caelum

There's only one person who can help Harry defeat the Dark Lord, and she's been living as a muggle for 16 years! Ella comes to Hogwarts during the trio's sixth year, and havoc ensues. A good read! Chap. one has poor formatting-but i figured it out!

Now that is a first class, honest to God Sue. Lovely.


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