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New icon like whoa. :D

In honor of my new OTP, I have created this new icon.

Image hosted by

*glomps abbers44*

Oh, our brains! Theirloveissocerebral!

With that I'm off to NY. Feel free to call me and leave entertaining messages on my voice mail. Or just entertain me if I actually pick up the phone. *giggle*

abbers44, talimeeka, bisforbecky, arayuldaiel, I had a fabulous time tonight. OMBAYA it was ROXin! *vbg*

For all the other subbers on my F-list, go CHEX out sqsubbit! (Abbey, Meeka, Becky, and Ara, I expect you to actually explain what's going on there. *g* And whoever got the job of making the oath should post it along with an explanation fairly soon. :D)

Mucho love to all y'all!
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