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To do:

What I need to do today: (Outlined nicely here so that perhaps I will be less of a lazy bum.)

* Pack for New York
* Gather up information about various schools in New York
* Outline more of my Draco-fic that really, really needs to get off the ground Okay, I didn't actually write anything down, but I did figure out how to make several things work. I also managed to crack myself up at least three times. :P Being mean to Draco is way to much fun.
* Read more Hotel Pastis. Great book, but having trouble getting into it. Killed two birds with one stone and read while exercising.
* Smite for not having delivered my other summer reading books yet Okay, maybe not with the actual smiting, but I did check when it's supposed to come: tomorrow at the earliest. Damnit. Not getting that one before I leave for New York.
* Write something. Anything, really. Just get off my lazy bum and do it.
* Go to the JCC and work out. Very expensive gym membership is gathering dust. I so pwn at elliptical machine.
* practice. That youth music won't learn itself.
* fold laundry
* fill bird feeder Thank you Dad!

It remains to be seen whether I'll actually do all this or not, but you all can feel free to prod me until it happens. :D
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