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Oh Ron, why aren't you Dumbledore?

Very small spoiler below... as in ridiculously small, so I'm not cutting. Just be warned.

"Dumbledore gave a great sniff as he took a golden watch from his pocket and examined it. It was a very odd watch. It had twelve hands but no numbers; instead, little planets were moving around the edge." 1st ed. Sorcerers Stone, Pg. 12.

"'Seriously good haul this year!' [Ron] announced, holding up a heavy gold watch with odd symbols around the edge and tiny moving starts instead of hands." Half-Blood Prince, 1st Ed. American. Pg. 390

Oh Ron, why aren't you Dumbledore?

Honestly, if Jo hadn't already said the Knight to King theory isn't true I would be... rather convince. I never did like that theory (I want Ron to have a normal and Happy post war life, thank you very much!) so I'm rather glad it's been debunked, but still. I find this very amusing.

It also has me thinking that perhaps this watch on your coming of age is a wizarding tradition of some sort. Perhaps Harry will recieve one on his birthday? Perhaps it will have something to do with his past?

I think the fact that he plans to go back to Godric's Hollow might tie in very nicely with the semi-theory of mine. (I call it semi-theory because I think there's something more to this whole watch thing, but I have no bloody idea what.) Perhaps they are passed down from father to son, or at least kept in the family. (As the father to son thing would be difficult if there was more than one son, like with the Weasleys. :P) Mainly I just like the idea of Harry getting something of James's and possibly patching up that image he has of his father just a bit.

Anywho, that's my HBP ramblings for the day.
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