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Wow, I just found this today!

Huh. That's amusing. I just found out today that there's a copy of an article my mom wrote on Quick Quotes Quill in Leaky. It's from an interview she did with Jo Rowling in October of '99. I totally didn't realize that it was there!

Anywho, the link is here. I'll just have you all remember that at the time these questions weren't overasked. :P

Oh, and I've just asked my mom about it because I remembered she had recorded the interview. She has dug out the mini-tape the interview is recorded on. Unfortunately I can't play it as I don't have a mini-tape player! Argh! However, once I find one I might transcribe the whole thing (there's more to the interview than just what's in the article. I seem to remember something or other about Hagrid... blah. Brain is going fuzzy at the moment.) and send it into Leaky. Not that it's much use as the interview was before GoF, THREE BOOKS AGO (damn it feels weird to say that!), but it should be nice for posterity's sake.

Plus I really want to listen to Jo Rowling. *vbg*
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