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Four legs good, two legs... surprisingly also good.

Ok, dudes, seriously.

If I see one more person person call JKR a homophobic bitch because she "made Remus suddenly straight" I will have to shoot someone. Also, if I see anyone calling Tonks a Mary Sue who doesn't deserve Remus I will probably go batshite on their ass.

Alternatively, if I see one more person running around like a chicken with their head cut off saying "HA HA! One True Way is TOTALLY SUNK!" I will also have to shoot someone.

This is what I was afraid of if JKR made a Remus ship canon.

Some points worth mentioning:

1. Remus does like Tonks back. This was made quite clear at the end. It is, in fact, a good thing that Remus will not have to be doomed to sorrow and eventual death of sadness and angst. Kthnxbye.

2. At no point in HBP did Jo say "And then Remus, the werewolf and Harry's old DADA Professor, who is consequently NOT and has NEVER BEEN in love with Sirius, walked into the room."

So, think of Remus as straight as a stick, or as bi as you want, but there is NO NEED to get wanky over it.

For God's sake, the man's boyfriend just died and you want to deny him a bit of happiness with Tonks? *very evil grin*

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