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People can be horrible...

Guys, from what I've heard I'd avoid any and all communities on LJ for a while. At least until you've finished HBP.

Apparently some dickwad is trolling around posting spoilers. I'm not sure where said spoilers came from, and there's been obvious questions about their validity, but still. Just in case.

You might do what I did in my earlier freaking out period about seeing spoilers, and filter your friends list so that you only see people's journals you know aren't going to post spoilers, or will post them behind a lj cut.

Just a warning.

Anywho, in slightly brighter news I got my AP scores today. Feel very happy about them. I got a 5 in AP Lang. and Comp. and a 4 in AP Euro.

In Potter terms for those on my f-list who don't understand the AP scoring, that's like getting an O in Lang. and Comp. and an E in Euro. Go me!

(Is it sad that more people on my f-list will understand the Harry Potter version than the real version of the scores? :P)

Oh, and finally, I know I will be wanting someone to talk to/squee with once I get my copy of HBP, so I'm hoping to trade phone numbers with anyone who wants to. I'll be screening the comments in this, so if you want to post your number you can and I'll reply with mine. Don't worry, I'll only unscreen comments without phone numbers in them. (Unless you don't want me to unscreen those either.) I just think it would be lovely to talk to some fellow obsesses as we read our way through new canon. Holy bob. New canon. AHHH!!!

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