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The Good Ship hoisted sail!!!!!1one

So, the television premier of Sorcerers Stone was on ABC tonight... boy, was it good! I'd never seen the extra scenes before. I've always been a bit iffy about SS the movie, but seeing everything they left out of the theater version really made me love it. (Although I wonder why they couldn't have had it in there all the time! Honestly, the extra time was SO worth it!)

The best part, however, was most definitely the further proof of the Good Ship Ron/Hermione. (As if we needed any, but still! :))

Ahhh... after Rupert, Dan, and Emma's comments on Ron and Hermione's budding relationship all of us shippers can grin (as I'm doing right now!) and be horribly obnoxious to any H/Hr-ers we should happen upon! Honestly, I was screaching like a school girl after that bit!!!!!!1one (See, it's even making me break out in fangirl!)

Well, time to sleep now... I'll probably end up dreaming of Ron and Hermione, so it's all good!


Current Book: Prisoner of Azkaban... again :)
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