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Icons and HBP predictions

Oh fandom, you are my little gentleman. Ummm... yeah, so the various ranting and raving coming from certain crazed H/Hr-ers is quite amusing. (I'm not going to generalize here, there are plently of perfectly normal and sane H/Hr-ers... these people just aren't among them.)

Anywho, I believe gryfny put out a call for icons based off of the posts linked in this post:

Since this stuff is seriously funny, I made a couple. More might be forthcoming if I have the time.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Also, I figured it was high time for me to post my HBP predictions. As you should know by now I'm absolutely paranoid of reading spoilers, so these shouldn't contain anything in the least spoilerish. So far I've only seen what's on JKR's website and the book cover pictures scholastic put out. However, I'm putting these under a cut just in case anyone is really really avoiding spoilers.

Still, these are all my guesses and not based on anything beside the various covers and the past 5 books.

1. Ginny will play a large roll, or at least a larger roll than normal. (Yes, I had a dream this happened... I'm a sad, sad person.) There won't be any actual H/G, but there will be plenty of moments for the orange crushers to squee over.

2. R/Hr will happen. Yep, I'm predicting that we will get real, honest to God R/Hr in canon.

3. Draco shall kick the bucket. Much as it pains my H/D loving heart, the thought of watching Draco fangirls writhe in agony on the floor also gives me shadenfreud related joy. Also, because we're "getting far too fond of the boy." *evil grin*

4. Dudley will show some sign of intellegent life under all that blubber.

5. Dumbledore and Harry either go back in time or watch events that happened a long time ago.

6. Godric Gryffindor is the HBP.

7. Barring that, Trevor is the HBP. :P

8. Remus has a more prominant roll.

9. DADA teacher is not evil.

10. Harry learns about another power that Voldy transfered to him that will end up being important.

11. We learn more about the Marauders.

12. Harry got an O in potions.


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