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Dragging an old meme out of the closet and dusting it off...

HBP is a mere days away (holy CRAP we get more canon! My heart's aflutter at the mere thought! :D) And I've been finding myself... well, in a rather ranty mood. Quite frankly I'm a nervous wreck. Is someone going to die? What if it's Remus?! What if Ginny runs off with the entire Raveclaw Quidditch team, proving all her naysayers right?! What if JKR writes one little sentence that forever ruins the canon plausability of every one of my fic ideas?! What if Harry, while fighting off a bunch of Death Eaters, suffers a major injury to the groin and becomes a unic, thus ruining countless shippers hopes in one painful (in every sense of the word) moment? Come to think of it, that last one might not be so bad.

Worst of all... What if Ron dies? Meep. I am a wreck.

Actually, I had a dream last night I was reading HBP. All I remember was that Ginny played a very prominant role and I was FREAKING OUT about it. :D Let's cross our fingers and hope I have a bit of *develops misty Trelawny voice* the sight.

I am a sad, sad person. :P

Anywho, to blow off steam, I figured I'd dust off that old 10 Unpopular fandom opinions meme, only this time with the impending new canon in mind. Also, I'm only doing 6 unpopular opinions, as otherwise this would be unbearably long. Still, it seemed like a good opportunity for a rant.

So, here are 6 things that I DO NOT want to happen in HBP that might put me in the fandom minority:

1. Please God no Remus/Lily. I'm truely scared that this is going to become pseudo-canon and I CAN NOT STAND the ship! The Lily related part in the PoA movie nearly made me gag, and even the little hints in Shoebox Project grated on my nerves. I think it's because the idea of his parents means so much to Harry, and I firmly believe that despite what Harry saw in Snape's pensieve James and Lily had a wonderful, if short, relationship and marriage. I know that that's still possible if Remus had a crush on Lily, but somehow it... I don't know, taints it for me, if he did. And I want Harry to have an unspoiled view of his Parents relationship, without knowing that it cost Remus anything at all.

2. I don't want Hagrid to die. So sue me, I think he's a wonderful Care of Magical Creatures professor, and I'm sure Charlie in Romania would agree. Unicorns are nice and sweet (and Hagrid did prove that he could teach about them!) but quite frankly I highly doubt that most Creature related jobs are all fun and games and cute widdle unicorns. Charlie gets nasty burns all the time, it comes with the territory. Also, Harry needs Hagrid to survive. Hagrid needs to grow up a bit and start taking responsibility again, but somehow I don't think this is going to happen if he is DEAD. Grr.

3. I LIKE Grawp. I want to SEE MORE of Grawp. I find him funny. "Hermy, where Hagar?" is one of my favorite lines in OotP. Also, I think that Grawp has potential. So cool it on Hagrid's brother.

4. I want Snape to be clearly shown as the UTTERLY FLAWED individual that he is. I want him to do something so blatantly WRONG that not even the staunchest Snape lovers can defend him. I like Snape because he is so flawed, and yet, if any character is to be redeemed, it would be him. Notice I say is to be redeemed not has been redeemed. Snape might have switched sides, but he is not redeemed by any sense of the imagination. He still holds petty grudges. He still apparently doesn't wash himself enough. (And yes, his hair is greasy, not sleek or under some sort of glamour charm disguise his true self.) He also abuses his power as a teacher HORRIBLY. He is clearly taking out his anger at not being completely in control when he was in school on the students he is now supposed to be teaching. He needs to get past this.

5. I want Ron and Hermione to get together and have/adopt many many babies, which Ron will stay home and take care of while Hermione wins the bread. Okay, maybe the many many babies part can come later, but I do want Ron and Hermione to get together. This puts me in the minority not so much because of the ship, but because I actually think it will happen in HBP, and not during book seven or in the epilogue of book seven or anything. Also, I really want for the Quill to actually be able to say R/Hr is canon and that's all we accept. Clear up a lot of confusion that. *grumblemutterstupidpeoplegrumble* (No, I'm not bitter about anything. Why do you ask?)

6. I want there to be many many wonderfully slashy undertones. More of Draco and Harry jumping on each other and rolling around in the mud would be nice. Another "Harry found himself on his hands and knees in Snapes office again" line would be lovely. Hell, if all the Gryffindor boys want to go polish their wands together while Draco Malfoy watches I would be perfectly allright with that. *vbg*

Thank you for listening. That is all. :P

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