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They're catching up on us!

Quick update:

The prettiest shippers debate ;) is still going hot and heavy over here: but here's a quick update from the field...

As of now there are 37 people who posted pictures, and ship breakdowns go as follows:

Ron/Hermione- 23
Harry/Ginny- 15
Remus/Sirius- 12
Harry/Draco- 11
Harry/Hermione- 5
Lily/James- 4
Draco/Ginny- 3
Harry/Zachirius- 3
Harry/Pansy- 3
Harry/Ron- 2
Harry/Hermione/Ron- 2
Remus/Tonks- 2
James/Sirius- 2
Oliver/Percy- 2
Remus/Lily- 2
Ginny/Tom- 2
Snape/Hermione- 2
Draco/Pansy- 2
Pansy/Millicent- 2

These were only including the ships that got at least two votes. Out of the R/hr-ers and H/G-ers 7 said they were "OBHWF"-ers as well. :P Don't see your ship up here? Wish your ship had more beautiful people using their veela-esk powers to win the shipping debates? Then pimp this around and keep posting pictures, you guys!


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