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Underwater Light. Has. Updated. Just today. *dies and is ded*

Like, seriously, I'm not quite sure how to handle the intense feelings of joy I'm experiencing right now. I've been so stressed out this week, and I just nearly ripped my brain out trying to figure out 87. (So bloody close. There is an icon... or maybe a post... or something, which has a clue which leads to a clue which leads to the origins maybe if my theory is correct and I CAN'T BLOODY FIND THE ICON GAH!) But right now, I could really care less about all that because Oh my bloody gah, UNDERWATER LIGHT HAS UPDATED!

Go read now. It's what I'll be doing.

(Oh, and if I don't show my face for a few days it's because I'm still in a musy-H/D shock induced coma. If I don't come back for a looong time, call the paramedics, I might just need emergency resesitation. :P)

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