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Reasons why I like Harry/Draco

1. Because the pigtail pulling relationship is just a little too hit the one you love.
2. Because there's no way in hell to combine Harry/Draco into one word. (Haco? Darry? No bloody way.)
3. Because Redeeming Draco is so darn fun.
4. Because Draco's an insufferable prick who needs Harry to give him a conscience.
5. Because Harry's a flailing ball of angst who needs Draco whinging to show just how stupid self-pity looks.
6. Because Ron would learn to accept it. Ron's just cool like that.
7. Because the Brian/Justin parallels are just too delicious.
8. Because fuck the world, the Boy Who Lived can be gay if he damn well pleases.
9. Because fuck Lucius Malfoy's world, his only heir can be gay if he damn well pleases.
10. Because why does Theodore Nott always get to be the redeemed son of a Death Eater?
11. Because kissing a girl was... wet.
12. Because Draco being "slashed" is already canon.
13. Because everyone needs a good snog up against a dungeon wall.
14. Because Harry got jealous of the goblet....
15. Because Draco already goes out of his way to arouse Harry's... ire. ;)
16. Because green was Draco's favourite colour.

Got any of your own to add?
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