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Schools out for summer!

As the title says, I am DONE WITH SCHOOL for this year! No more for almost three months!

It's weird, I'm definitely far more glad about school ending this year than I ever have been before. Heck, last year I was crying at the end of my last exam. Both this year and last year my final exam of the year was English, and the difference is that my freshman English teacher was the best teacher ever, and the class was awesome beyond words, whereas the teacher I had this year literally taught to the test. To every. damn. letter. of. the. test. What's worse is she included analogies in that, you know the whole "torture : captive :: analogy : student" thing. The problem with that is they're changing the SAT for my grade. We won't even have analogies on the test the teacher is teaching to. GAH!


Oh, well. It's summer, and hopefully next school year will be better. I'm off to get ice cream with my friends where we will try to string together coherent sentences after exams fried our brains. It's getting bad, yesterday I kept leaving words out of sentences, and when trying to explain my problem to a friend I said "I'm lazy to say too."


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