robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

That commenty thing

Talimeeka ROX, of course... :D

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1talimeeka95 95
2abbers4455 55
3arayuldaiel48 48
4greyandgrey36 36
5briel1e36 36
6dancing_kumquat26 26
7bisforbecky25 25
8vertigo_struck24 24
9greensweaterlj24 24
10delleve19 19
11spasmodicdb17 17
12piquing_tom17 17
13jiminyc17 17
14mafdet15 15
15atropos8715 15
16katieowrites13 13
17frankieb_sq8712 12
18feylin1711 11
19schip2mylou9 9
20tipsytoe9 9
21mostlyfork9 9
22katinka318 8
23moonlinnet7 7
24_iliveinabox7 7
25ashtur7 7
26ashavah6 6
27bribitribbit6 6
28olivehornby6 6
29proudofthefish6 6
30azaelia_culnamo6 6
31fasterthanlight6 6
32fernwithy5 5
33kikei5 5
34morcherry874 4
35awelkin3 3
36in_the_blue3 3
37pagenibbler81213 3
38sveltskye3 3
39acusa_dora2 2
40dreemcy1 1
41sixth_light1 1
42author_by_night1 1
43gryfny1 1
44winterhart1 1
45mincot1 1
46sreya1 1

Total Commenters: 47 (1 not shown)
Total Comments: 892

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Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

When I changed one answer that I wasn't very sure about it turned into:

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

So I guess I'm a geeky hippy sheep. Baa, man, baa. Te he he *snort* *baa*

Oh, hey! The Simpsons where a character comes out is tonight! And I don't have choir so I can watch it! Weee!

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