robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

Ta ta for the weekend

I love you all so much! Between the sub, the college searches (OMB we're all going to Sarah Lawrence, I swear!), the Bush bashing (well, from most of you *g*),  and all the comment love in response to my comment whoring (I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but not really. :P) all my fellow CRAXheads totally ROX!


Anywho, I shall be out of town for the weekend, in Michigan on a church retreat. (Don't worry, fellow Manhattachester-esians (?) I proudly act as the subversive socialist in my youth group, spreading the message to Lutherans everywhere. ;) Hopefully some writing will get done on the long ride there, and also hopefully it this writing will not include as much horrid passive tense as I'm using now.

Can you tell I'm feeling rather hyper right now? Te he, not having school this afternoon has gone to my head!

On with the rambling: when I left at lunch, I went to Kroger and bought two boxes of valentines, Harry Potter and Disney Princesses. :D My only complaint is that Ron is only on ONE of the HP valentines, and in that he's with Harry and Hermione! Gosh, Valentines day deserves more Ron than that! I also went slightly crazy and bought a box of 96 crayola crayons, because I was feeling nostalgic for elementary school, where the bigger box of crayons one had, the cooler one was. I miss elementary school. *sigh*

Anywho, I must toddle off now. Bye!
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