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Rant le first...

Yay me! I finally got around to writing rant the first!


By now you all should know of my uber love for the good ship Guns 'n' handcuffs, so I'm not going to go into detail on just how much teh boy love ROX my SOX. ;) This rant is about canon v. fanon, and the line I draw between something very word-that-cap'n-Kathy-hates worthy and something annoying or downright wrong.

Let me start by saying H/D is not canon. It never will be canon. While personally I think sometimes Draco's actions towards Harry just scream OMB A GIRL PULL YOUR PIGTAILS AHHH! I will be the first to admit this is one ship guarenteed not to happen for real. This doesn't mean, however, that one has a free pass to disregard canon in fanfic.

The thing I love about H/D is that it's a totally implausable ship that could totally become plausable without completely basterdizing canon or characterizations. Both Harry and Draco need to get over themselves, and some of the best H/D fanfiction involves just this happening. Harry drops his All Slytherins Are Evil attitude, Draco drops his Everything Doesn't go My Way All the Time So I'll Take It Out On Potter attitude, things progress from there. I've seen correct characterizations of both boys in H/D fics before, so it's obviously possible. I just wish more writers would try it. *eye roll*

One thing I haven't seen in a H/D story yet (at least up to my standards ;) is a great characterization of Ron. Good? Yes. Great? Still waiting. If Harry and Draco should start snogging, Ron would be understandably upset, yes. He would probably flip out for a good deal of time over the fact that a) Harry likes boys and b) the boys Harry likes includes Draco Bloody Malfoy! He wouldn't turn into an uncontrollable flaming ball of rage ready to beat down Draco, Harry, and multitudes of innocent passersby. Ron has a firey temper, but he is Harry's best friend. Eventually they would reconcile, and any Draco who gains Harry's affections would also eventually gain Rons acceptance, if not some degree of friendship. Ron's just that cool. The reaction of Ron to a H/D relationship is an absolute GOLDMINE of opportunity for really nifty character study/development. Dudes, you get to stick Ron in a really uncomfortable situation for him and watch how he works it out! Who doesn't want to write that?! But the sheer number of completely static IhateDracoRrowr!Rons, not to mention the everpresent evil!Ron astounds me.

In conclusion, Draco is a whiny prick, Harry has a hero complex the size of the giant squid, and Ron is Harry's best friend. Get the hell used to it, mmkay? None of these facts negates some happy boy-snogging between H and D, and if you play your cards right it can even add to the humor, complexity, and overall attributes of a story. The end.

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