robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

Frank the Bamboo Plant

I'm in a really random good mood today...


Maybe it's because there's no school tomorrow, due to memorial day, and I am instead going to spend the day with my friends watching movies. (Love, Actually; Cruel Intentions; Monty Python and the Holy Grail; and Robin Hood, Men in Tights. An excellent selection if I do say so myself.)


Maybe it's because I just reread some of the fluffier bits of After the End (Such as this, this, and, of course (!) this.)


But in the end I really think I owe my good mood to Frank, my bamboo plant.


You see, today I went with two of my friends to the Asian Festival taking place in my town this weekend. This year it turned out to be a rather hippie affair, with much ti-dye and birkenstock-age happening. (Very fun!) I had some excellent (and authentic) chinese food, which is much better than the Americanized version I usually eat. But, best of all, I bought myself (for $5!) a small bamboo plant in a very pretty vase... pot... thing.... This plant has acquired the name Frank. Frank the Bamboo plant. Frank is sitting next to me at the moment, happily soaking in water, and every time I look at him it makes me very happy.


You might think I'm odd to have such feelings for an inanimate (well, it does move, I suppose, when it grows, but you get my drift) object, and you are right. That's not even the oddest part, however. My friend Sara asked if Frank could be a girl. Well, that was quite out of the question as Frank was already clearly a boy, but it got me thinking. We decided frank is a homosexual bamboo plant. That's right... not only does my bamboo plant have a name, it also has a sexuality. Frank, as my AIM away message currently says, likes to kiss boys.


I don't know why this makes me so happy, but it does. I'm in an excellent mood tonight. :)


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