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Extended Oy

I am exam week's bitch. And my legs hurt.

Okay, I'm trying to study for English, so-

Extended Metaphor: n. A metaphor which is drawn-out beyond the usual word or phrase

I'm fairly sure there is a war going on in my nether regions, in which my legs have decided they wish to secede from the rest of me. This war of the Civil variety (and believe me, the three flights of stairs at school made sure the irony of those words were pounded into my conscience) does not have an obvious cause. I haven't done a lot of strenuous activity lately, other than studying for exams, and my legs usually could care less about how long it takes me to learn trigonometry. I'm also fairly sure that all of my body objects to slavery, and not just the northern bit. Yet, remarkably enough, I wake up this morning to find that, at some point in the night, my legs attempted to leave the union, to which the northern section of me responded in Lincoln-esk fashion Hell No!

At least that's what it feels like happened. My legs are so sore for no explainable reason! Time for the reconstruction era, methinks, also known as an extended bubblebath.

Extended Bubblebath: n. heaven

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