robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

Bwa ha ha

I was feeling a bit SNARXy today, so I went to ffn for another round of lets-laugh-at-the-stupid-people. Most fun. :P

Lucius contracts the smallpox while in Azkaban, leaving Draco to deal with his father's health and the return of the Dark Lord. I updated! Chapter 14 at last!

At last! No I can see if Lucius is going to make it or if we'll have to bury him by Chimney Rock. (Wasn't "Oregon Trail" fun?)

Sirius Black's a nice guy-he has a way with the ladies right? Always has done. So when the Order gets a new member, its just a case of Sirius getting another knotch on his bedpost. Isn't it? Love-Hate realtionships, at there most volatile.GWDMHG too..

You know, I was slightly put off by the authors incorrect "there," but then I noticed the Ginny/Draco/Hermione bit...

Lily's Diary from 4th year till she dies

She dies? But you ruined the ending! Now none of your cliffies will work!!!!!!!11!!11!1111one

And the award for best title for a Lily/James fic goes to...

Deer to Me
It's questionable whether or not the author meant it to be spelled this way, as I was too lazy to read anything past summaries, but it's either someone being rather clever or someone being unintentionally hilarious. *crosses fingers for the latter*

That concludes your romp through the hilarity that is FFN.


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