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I know some people who know some people...

I figured I should pimp this community:

It's callled HP4humanity, and they're trying to get a fandom drive together where people donate fics and art and stuff to people in exchange for donations to unicef to help out with relief in India. Apparently the death toll there is up to 80,000. That's just so horrible.

Anyway, I know there are people on my f-list who know people (or are themselves) somewhat big name fans, and it would be really great if the people who are really well known in this fandom could add their name/fics/art to the cause, because I'm sure if they did it could do a lot of good. Past all the wanking and angsting this is a really good fandom and I'm sure we could pull together to do something really good. So, basically if you do fanart or fic (although I can see fanart especially being really good for this) or know someone who does definitely pimp this to them!


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