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Growing up Harry

I always think about how rare this experience is, that we book fans are having. The HP phenomenon we're going through will never be like this again. This generation of fans will always be the ones who were stranded, unspoiled, for years and years, waiting for the next slice of the story; therefore, this generation of fans will always have the deepest and most intense relationship with the books because we will have been suspended in them for the longest without relief. I can't expect regular people to understand what that's like, I suppose. I can't expect a regular person to care about the incredible jolt of stumbling through those plot twists for the first time and discovering the Time Turner and the meaning of Lupin's boggart.


That quote is from Arabella's post today at the Sugar Quill In The News thread. It's in response to an article that quoted Zsenya in it. Arabella's post really got me thinking.


We are incredibly lucky to be a part of the whole Harry Potter Phenomenon while it happens, because once the series is over that's the end of a lot of what we get to do right now. There'll be no more writing Summer after... stories, no more extrapolating future plot because it'll all be there, written by JK. I know shipping wars will continue forever (: P) but some will be gone, due to deaths, or certain ships actually happening. (*coughR/Hr,H/Gcough*) I also know fanfic will continue, but so many windows will be closed after book seven, even with the availability of AU. We won't be able to write our own versions of the final showdown anymore because it will have happened already. We won't be able to fill up thirty pages with guesses as to how Harry/Ginny will come about.

It's so cool being a part of this, but I think I and other people my age have an especially unique perspective on it.

I was ten when I first was read Sorcerers Stone by my mother. I turned eleven a few months later. On top of being completely disappointed I didn't get my Hogwarts letter (and I hold to this day the owl just got lost on the trip across the Atlantic : P) I also could go to school every day and wonder just what Harry was doing then. I was in math class, but he was in the middle of his next great adventure. I've gotten to grow up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, almost always having been the same age as them. Even the three year summer left me fifteen when book five came out, although I'm sixteen now and most likely will be seventeen by book six.

No one else will be able to have Harry's life essentially "happen" at the same time theirs does. No one else will be able to have boy problems, only to get Goblet of fire and be able to relate completely with Hermione. (And Ron for that matter!) They won't spend the first part of a summer blowing up at their parents and siblings at random moments, only have book five show up with Harry exactly the same way.

I've rambled enough. Now I need to follow Lupin's advice and go eat some chocolate because writing all of that has made me kinda sad. : )



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