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It's so freaking COLD

Still no power.

I did manage to get to a christmas eve service, a 11 o'clock one at a church downtown, as my church still as no power. Still at my cousins house, though my sister is at my gammy's, who just got power back this afternoon. We can't do "Christmas" tomorrow in the sense that presents and stickybuns in the morning and everything are going to have to be delayed until we get power back. Right now we don't have anywhere to do it otherwise, as neither my cousin nor my gammy celebrate, and we'd feel bad foisting our christmas on them... so, no christmas. Yet.

I'm sorry to be such a downer, but this stinks. Half the fun of christmas celebrations is the anticipation, but I'm going to bed tonight knowing tomorrow is just going to be another (really cold) day. The power company is now saying Sunday at the earliest, so we won't be able to properly celebrate christmas until next week.

I know I should probably be learning something about the true meaning of christmas and all that, but right now I don't see how being constantly cold and waiting an hour to eat chinese food with what was surely every single Jew in our town is really helping. Grrr...

[/moaning and whining]

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