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bickering like an old married couple

Mmmmm... wonderful Potter-ness has happened. As you might know, I got to see an early showing of Prisoner of Azkaban tonight. It wasn't the best thing ever, but it was pretty good, and, in my opinion, the best of the lot so far. (Although I thought CoS was fairly good too.)

I love, love, loved when they first get to Hogwarts and the boys are all hanging out in their dormitory. Up until now the movies haven't really shown that camaraderie between them all. Ron and Harry may be best friends, but the others are there too and the scene was a really lovely way to show that. (I especially loved Ron being the lion.)
I also love the scene in the Leaky Cauldron where you can see the whole Weasley family having lunch. It was such a great way to show just how great that family is.
Dan Radcliff's acting was great. He's coming into his own, and in my opinion it showed.
Any scene with Alan Rickman, David Thewlis, or Gary Oldman (or any combination of the above) is automatically wonderful. They were great.
Fred and George get more screen time, always good!
The shrieking shack scene was fabulous. Really marvelous. I give full responsibility of this to David Thewlis and Gary Oldman. They just <I>got</I> it.
All the R/Hr-ness was wonderful. For all of you who have read After the End (and if you haven't stop reading this now and go read that instead. Siriusly, go. Read. :P) it was most definitely a coincidence, but when the trio are standing on the hill about to hear Buckbeak being killed they replicate that scene in AtE when Ginny is working on Hermione's parents and the trio sits outside. The trio is there with Hermione hugging Ron while holding Harry's hand. It's a great picture of the trio, and when I saw it I remembered that part in AtE and was siriusly on the verge of tears. :P
Gary Oldman's little speech at the end. I was crying. Siriusly. Somebody was thinking of OotP while writing that part of the script. Just... gut wrenching.
There were still problems, though:
Ron still got pushed into the comedic relief spot again, although there was less pyromaniac!Seamus this time. The lines and actions taken away from Ron nearly made me cry. Especially since I just did Ch. 9 in the Chapter by Chapter of PoA on the Quill. They took away Ron's "you asked and she gave you the answer" to Snape in DADA. That made me mad.
Parts of the movie still fell into the old this happened, then this happened, oh, yeah, this too... hurry along now folks, we haven't got all day! There was less of this hurried choppiness than in old movies, but I still think they need to both change things a bit more to make it fit in movie format better and make the films a bit longer. We can deal, if the movie's better for it. The ending of the movie was altered a lot from the book in terms of time and event order, and I think it worked better for it.
To me it seems movies and books aren't the same, and when changing one into the other you need to realize that. What works in a book may sometimes need to be altered to make help the logistics of the movie.

I'll leave you all with this... my two favorite quotes from the movie.

"Come on, Buckbeak. Eat the dead ferret." ~Hermione

"Look at you, bickering like an old married couple."

:) For that last one I will give points to anyone (who hasn't seen the movie yet!) who can guess A) who said that and B)who they were talking about. :P

Meh... must do homework now.



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