robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

A few quick Holiday Notes...

Dear Snow,

My house and I thank you for the lovely decorations. It was a wonderful way to start out the day!

Dear pole by the street corner,

That wasn't funny. The roads are icy that early in the morning when it's snowing, and of course I was going to slide a bit driving to school. Never get that close to hitting my car again, please. Thank you.

Dear School,

Thank you for the late day! I might have forgotten about it (my bad, really, though you could have reminded me about it the day before) but the extra time was greatly appreciated.

Dear Starbucks,

The breakfast was lovely today. I miss you when I don't get up early enough/am too poor to justify 5 dollars on a coffee and muffin, but that just makes the times I do visit all the more special. Oh, and thank you for dressing up my daily IV drip of caffeine with a little holiday decoration. Mmmm... eggnog lattes.

Dear PSAT people and school guidance councilors,

Have I mentioned recently that telling people their scores are in, but won't be available until tomorrow is needlessly cruel? I'm sending you the bill for the much needed manicure to fix these chewed off fingernails.

Dear post office lady,

I'm sorry about today. As you could tell, it was my first time ever sending anything bigger than an envelope, and I was feeling very clueless. Thank you for being not too annoyed with me when I did things wrong, and I'm sorry about that dancing chicken the guy working next to you had going the whole time I was there. Really sorry.

(Oh, and I LOVE what you guys have done with packaging! The holiday boxes/bubble wrap thingies are very festive and very much appreciated by a frantic gift-sender!)

Dear creepy guy standing in line by me at the post office,

Umm... stop trying to talk to me about how the other lady needs to control her children. I'm 16, you're something like 55. Please, just don't. I'm going to have nightmares about you turning around and saying conspiratorially (with a VERY creepy gleam in you eye) "uh, oh. Somebodies going to get it now!"

Dear lady the creepy guy was talking about,

Your children weren't being that bad, and don't let the creepy guy tell you otherwise. They were being children and were, quite frankly, very adorable.

Dear JK Rowling,

All I want for Christmas is you... to tell us when you plan to release Half-Blood Prince. Your website makes me Word-that-Cap'n-Kathy-Hates with delight, and bugger the fans who say otherwise. However, if you change your mind on redeeming Draco I, for one, will NOT protest. ;)

Dear library,

I DO NOT have $42.50 in fines on my card. I have done the math myself, and by forgetting to return the books I did I owe you $4.25. There is a startling difference between these two numbers, and I shall be by tomorrow to seek vengeance straighten out the matter.

Dear neighbor who I babysat for tonight,

$10 an hour for watching tv in your living room while your adorable children are sound asleep upstairs makes you my hero and idol. Your kind donation has been transfered straight into the Get Ella and Ipod fund, a very worthy cause, I assure you.

Me, myself, and I
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