robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

Use my live journal to write in? What nonsense!

I know, I know... it's crazy talk, but I've decided to use my Live Journal for an astounding purpose. I plan to actually WRITE in it! :)

Up 'till now I've just used this thing for reading other people's LJs, but recently my desire to shoot my mouth off has overtaken my absolute laziness about doing anything not required of my, so here it is... my first Live Journal entry!

As of right now it is ridiculously late for me to be up, seeing as how I have school and a softball game tomorrow. I also haven't started my homework yet. (See reference to complete laziness above.) I'll probably just end up doing part of my math homework then go to sleep. Or maybe not. :P

As I said, I should be going to bed because of softball tomorrow. I'm the only pitcher on my (rather bad) high school team, so obviously I will be pitching tomorrow. I think I will look at this staying up late habit as a protest at the lack of any relief pitching, rather than my stupidity. That's it... I'm fighting oppression, sticking it to the man. Sticking it to the woman, actually, as my coach is a female.

A female with a really yummy husband named TJ who is fit as all getout.


Bah. I'm off to read Brave New World (for English class, but I actually really like the book!)


hmmm... I've decided that instead of a music thing they should have a current book thing... it would work better for me! Oh, well. I'll just do it myself. :)
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