robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

We made a website!

How have I not posted about this here yet?

Hi all! I know there are some of you awesome old Quillers and HP fandom people out there like me, staring tragically at livejournal and wishing we all wrote excessively long posts about Important Fandom Matters and had endless comment threads and things.

It still happens to a degree, but man the golden days of fandom were something else.

Which brings me to my latest project. Really, I should say our latest project. abbers44, greensweaterlj, sheepinbox, talimeeka and I started a website where we write longer form, nerdy posts about fandom, life, and the intersection of the two,

You can read more about what we're turning the site into on our "About Tilde" page, and read our snazzy bios here, but largely we wanted to create a space where women (and friends of women :P) could talk about our experiences in fandom, geekery and fan culture.

So check it out? Your nerdy internet bffs~

And shoot us an email at if you'd be interested in getting involved!
Tags: holy crap an update, tilde mag

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