robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

likeafox: so I should probably ask maartje this as she is always the one so annoyed by my constantly depressing endings and tragic storylines
sheepinbox: alsjk
likeafox: but is it cruel or terribly exciting to have the room blow up right as two characters are in the middle of a disgustingly romantic moment?
sheepinbox: siadjakdslakdsaklda
sheepinbox: blow up, like
sheepinbox: with love explosions or
likeafox: it's the lesbian ninjas
likeafox: a;sldkf real explosions
likeafox: like, bomb explosions
sheepinbox: boom boom
likeafox: these things happen when your story is based on lady ninjas in love
sheepinbox: i see
sheepinbox: well i mean, depends
sheepinbox: have they gotten any previous lovin?
likeafox: I mean. I sort of hate myself for blowing the room up
likeafox: debatable. Sort of jumped… way ahead of myself to write this scene
likeafox: probably some
sheepinbox: ijhk
likeafox: but it's still very complicated
sheepinbox: oh ok then youre in the clear
sheepinbox: by all means, blow shit apart

Should I blow the room up?

Boom boom.
For god's sake, let them enjoy their slow dance you sadist.

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