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and the flip side

greensweaterlj reminded me that there's also the love side of the love/lust list meme. SO HERE GOES. (There would be a lot of crossover from the previous list, aka Shun, Corey, and Bonnie but I decided to only new people here. because reposting a bunch of pictures is boring.

Boys (and girl) I would want to date and hold hands with and get encouraging text messages from:

1. Chris Colfer
Don't even care that he's gay. I am developing a huge old crush on him, ok.

2. Yamashita Tomohisa

3. Inoue Mao

4. Rafa Nadal
ok, seriously flashing back to, like, two years ago looking for these pictures.

5. Rupert Grint

If you asked me on a different day, this might be entirely different. Also, close runners up for today included Darren Criss, Dule Hill, Aiba Masaki, the entire cast of Hana Kimi, and basically the entire American first family. aslkjfd
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