robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

what a great story

likeafox man, the idea of eve starting out as steve sounds like the start to a much superior christian creation myth than the current one
likeafox once upon a time, god made adam. And he knew adam would need a companion human like himself, so he made steve.
coplandripoff haha
likeafox but there was something unexpected about steve. He did not feel right being the same as adam, and so god made some corrections, and woman was born.
coplandripoff but then, suddenly they realized adam was wrong
likeafox XD
coplandripoff so they changed eve to evan
coplandripoff and it kept going
likeafox and the first lesbian couple was born, and god saw that it was good
coplandripoff ...too good
coplandripoff so he made them back to adam and eve
coplandripoff and god cried a tiny tear
likeafox at which point there was something involving apples and snakes, and god invented clothes because he realized that sometimes there can be a bit too much of a good (and by good, I mean naked) thing
coplandripoff yay

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