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Why do I still not have a fernandez icon?

no_foot_tuesday I haven't actually read most of the article, but the title is hilarious and oh so appropos
likeafox ah ha ha, these are starting to not be news anymore
likeafox they should start putting out news alerts when jin isn't being slutty with a foreign girl
no_foot_tuesday Akanishi Jin Spotted Helping an Elderly Woman Cross the Street! Doomsday Cults Stock Up on Plastic Bags.
likeafoxlololol amazing
likeafox jin spotted demurely having tea with polite japanese women. no alcohol was involved.
no_foot_tuesday lmao
no_foot_tuesday the article would go on to talk about the women's small, well-covered breasts
likeafox ah ha ha yesss
likeafox "both young girls are currently living at home and going to classes at the local university. they are members of the flower arranging club, and were home by their curfew that night.
no_foot_tuesday they also do tea ceremony, and help out at the local orphanage in their spare time
likeafox jin was spotted the next day taking candy to the orphans where the young women laughed politely, covering their mouths with their hands, and bowed.

a;slkdf Oh my god, Sho.


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