robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

Why DRM and excessive intellectual property protection doesn't work, a short story:

I've been trying to figure out a way to type furigana (a pronunciation guide for Japanese kanji) above text in ms word for a while now. I found out that in order to type furigana in word, I would need to install the Microsoft Language Register, which comes on the software disk. But I left my disk at home, which is two hours away from here. And Microsoft, being a really intelligent company, doesn't offer it as a free download anywhere online. Because, idk. Someone might steal their language directory? And use it without... um... having the actual program? Perhaps some people just really like looking at language directories but don't want to actually create documents? I have no idea, but they stupidly made the disk the only place you can find the damn thing.

So I started googling. And discovered Open Office. Which not only lets me type furigana for free, the entire program is free. So now, thanks to microsoft not letting me download the stupid language register online somewhere, I have discovered a free alternative to ms word. Which I will never again have to pay over $100 for. Woooooo.
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