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This weekend has been interesting, though a strange mix of exciting/incredible and incredibly lackluster. The latter is because I've been sick for the past week. (Possibly my housemate Eliot's fault; I should probably punch him just in case it is.) It started with just wanting to sleep constantly, which is not so out of the ordinary, honestly. But around Thursday I woke up with my throat trying to punch its way out of my body, and by Friday I was congested and drippy and gross. Getting sick the first week of school is probably preferable to getting sick, say, midterms or finals week. It still sucks, though. I had all these plans to get ahead on work so I wasn't procrastinating the entire semester, but sleeping fourteen hours a day effectively killed that.

I'm feeling vaguely better now, though. So yay? Currently sitting on the front porch of Sean's surprisingly large village house. Eventually I will start doing my reading for politics again. This weekend was fun, though, even though I ended up staying in most nights and falling asleep pretty early.

Yesterday Ed Helms came to speak for convocation! He's actually an Oberlin graduate (hey look, we have famous grads too. Take that Harvard and Yale.) and was freaking fantastic. I'm actually not really a big Office Fan, but I did see The Hangover, and also I am obsessed with the Daily Show. To a frightening degree. (OH MY GOD IT'S BACK ON TOMORROW. OH JON STEWART IT'S BEEN A TRYING THREE WEEKS.)

So Ed Helms started off talking about his time at Oberlin, largely along the lines of:

Oh College. I remember it so well. Friday night football games... all those fraternity parties... taking Mary Jane Simpson to the cotillion ball.... OH WAIT. That was every other college in America.

He went on to discuss how we have the world's lamest motto ("Learning and Labor", two things that no one likes to do) and most confusing mascot (The yeoman "it's a guy with wheat strapped to his back!") but somehow, even though our roommates all smell and South Dorm looks like Stalinist Russia, we love it here anyway.

After that was the surprising part, though. Apparently Ed Helms has one heck of a singing voice! Not entirely surprising -I knew he was part of the Obertones, one of our acappella groups on campus- but dude can sing. He played the piano and did a version of this for a while:

After all that was over, though, he brought out a makeshift version of his old college bluegrass group, and they played for a while.

Ed Helms playing you bluegrass... and the entire chapel was filled with insanely excited people. They did the wave before the thing started, just because they could. This is basically my school's version of a football game. A football game for complete dorks.
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