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Sitting in my happy little personal study room in the library! Wooooo. (Now I will proceed to live here for the rest of the semester.) I'll take pictures as soon as I remember to bring my camera on campus with me. I've only had the room for about five hours, but I'm already realizing how helpful it is going to be. I can leave all my stuff in the library, so I don't have to drag around books, computer, jacket, or whatever, if I don't want to. I was wandering around today with just my keys and cell phone in my pocket, and was way too delighted by that.

My schedule this semester is pretty full, too, though it doesn't look too bad at first glance


Security in East Asia - 11-11:50 am, T/Th

Debating Democracy - 1:30-2:45, T/Th

Japanese 401 - 9-9:50 am, MWF

Screenwriting Private Reading

EAS Honors Project

I also have work MWF from 1-3pm, Orchestra from 7-9pm on Tuesdays, and OC Dems 10-11pm on Wednesdays. On top of that I get to try to find a job or fellowship or something for after I graduate. A lot of the fellowships have application deadlines in the next month or so, which is terrifying. Ugh, go away real life.

In incredibly exciting news, you all have to hear the craziness that is my creative writing adviser. Dan Chaon, my adviser and the professor I'm working with on my private reading, is a seriously awesome person. He's a fairly famous author (you should read his stuff, if you have time. It's very good.) and has two novels and two short story collections published. Wiki him for all the various awards and things he's gotten too. Apparently now his first novel is going to be made into a movie. Which is very awesome and exciting! But not what has officially made my week. So apparently, in this movie that is being made of my professor's novel, CHRIS FREAKING PINE is going to be playing the lead character. a;lsdfkja;sdlfkj You know, Captain Kirk Chris Pine. This Chris Pine:

Aka Captain Fine~

Dan told me about this when I met with him today to discuss my private reading. (He is a seriously awesome person and professor, by the way. I got him hooked on Supernatural my sophomore year, and we'd always get into tangents about it during screenwriting workshops. You have to love a professor who will watch trashy television with you.) He mentioned Chris Pine and I tried very hard not to spaz all over the coffee shop we were in. I did inform Dan, however, that I was going to go tell my eljay about this right away.

There can never be enough images of Chris Pine being bad ass.
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