robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

why is this so interesting?

So I think my new favorite hobby is looking up celebrities on a campaign donor search and seeing how much money they've given to various political campaigns. aslkdfj So dorky. Apparently Aaron Sorkin (writer/director of the West Wing) has given a shit ton of money to the democrats -no surprise- including a bunch to Rahm Emanuel (ah ha ha, awesome. Donating to his real life Josh Lyman~) and hilariously enough what looks like every candidate in the 2004 presidential primaries except John Kerry.

Both of them have given money, but Bradley Whitford has given a lot of money to a ton of candidates and organizations (especially Planned Parenthood, actually.)

Also, apparently Jon Stewart has only given money to one candidate (at least under that name, I forget what his original last name is). He donated twice to Democrat Anthony Weiner's group "Friends of Weiner" aslkdfjas;df How appropriate.

You can also look up your relatives and people you know, which is surprisingly interesting~

ETA: Also, in the spirit of being a complete and utter dork: オバマ大統領、お誕生日おめでとうございます。
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