robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

Holy crap! I think I just got a four day extension on my creative writing portfolio. Can we discuss how awesome that is? Finals are actually looking fairly do-able at this point, if I make myself buckle down and actually study instead of just watching old episodes of Psych.... But omg, dule hill is like, the hottest thing ever. in that adorable, uptight dorky boy way. so greato.

Sorry I haven't updated in forever. Between the three projects I had the same week my ten page honors project proposal was due, having a lot of trouble finding summer work, the semester ending, blah blah blah, I've been psychotically stressed which leads to some pretty talented freaking out. I started out last week feeling pretty shitty, but by the end of the week things started getting better, which, you know, yay?

Let's see, I got elected publicity chair for the oberlin college democrats! Which is pretty awesome! Especially since I really just started being an active member when I got back from Japan this semester. I really wasn't expecting to win, because I was running against another girl (who was actually in my first year seminar, and is really nice!) who has been in the Dems longer than I have, and has actually, you know, worked on political campaigns before. I guess I gave a really good "vote for me please" speech at the meeting? woo.

Also, I finally found a job for this summer! Which is actually currently causing a bit of stress. I got offered a summer job as the web master for the oberlin college special collections archives, which would be a good job! But I also interviewed for another job, that would be my first choice I think, but I haven't heard back from yet. So I sort of have to tell the archives job one way or another today, but I don't know what to do if I don't hear back from the other job really soon. :| But I have a job, at least!

Anyway, exam schedule:

Today 3:30 - Final Japanese paper due (almost done, actually. the one thing I actually worked ahead on. mostly while procrastinating other work. ha ha)

Monday and Tuesday - Reading period
Wednesday 9 - 11 am - Japanese final
Thursday 7 - 9 pm - Comp Sci final
Saturday 9 - 11 am - Econ Final
Saturday noon - Creative Writing portfolio due

So luckily things are fairly evenly spaced, too. Though I've got a ton of studying to do for all the finals, and my portfolio is probably only half done at this point. :||| The break I get between the end of finals and when I move back to Oberlin to start work will be really, really nice.

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