robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

this post brought to you by 6 am west wing.

Hey guys, you know what I just learned from the news? Tim Geithner is apparently destroying capitalism by not bailing out every bank ever, and then letting them do whatever the hell they want with the bailout money. Because while being able to keep your business afloat without billions in help from the government is not a requirement in private, capitalist industry, anything even hinting at nationalization of the banks is for dirty, dirty commies.

The more you know.


idk, I clearly need to sleep. This is what not technically having anything due tomorrow and stupidly watching the first episode of a four episode massive west wing cliff hanger story arc does to you. I was watching msnbc clips while waiting for season five, episode two to load more. I don't know why I did that. Seriously. Is the entire 24-hour news industry absolutely psychotic? Because I have never seen more self-obsessed, self-congratulatory, heads in their asses commentary on the media and the economy than what's said in the first clip here.

This guy is actually proud of himself for apologizing on air about giving ridiculously wrong investment advice on his show. They ask him how he feels about possibly leading people to lose their life's savings by following his bad investment advice, and his response is basically "I'm a pretty awesome guy for apologizing about being wrong, aren't I?!" And I swear the way they have the table set up there is specifically designed for optimal circle-jerk capabilities.

bah. you should probably just ignore all that. I'm in the weird, haven't slept in forever place at the moment, where political rants on lj seems like a really nice idea.

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