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Back at school! I somehow manage to always be stressed during the end of winter term/start of second semester. I have no idea why, except I'm apparently not very good at wrapping up my winter term before it starts to bleed into my preparing for a new semester time. :|

Anyway, I'm all moved back to school! And currently sitting in my brand new single, which is fairly small, but not as bad as I was worried it would be, and pretty cozy all things considered. I still have to go out an buy more poster hanging sticky stuff before I can put up all my posters and pictures and things, but here are some pictures of the room as it is at the moment.

My schedule for the semester is finally all worked out, too:

MWF 11:00-11:50 - Introduction to Computer Programming

MWF 1:30-2:45 - Japanese 302

TH 1:30-2:45 - Principals of Economics

W 7:00-10:00 pm - Creative Writing 330 Fiction

It feels like such a bizarre schedule, too. Two three hundred level classes in my two majors, then two... completely random, not even humanities classes. I don't think I've taken this few credit hours in humanities the entire time I've been at college. Hilarious.

Also! ExCo fair is coming up, and there are some seriously awesome looking classes. I'm so tempted to sign up for a million, but possibly that would not be a clever plan. There are two that I really, really want to take, though. One is supposed to be focused on grass-roots and community organizing, by organizing the Big Parade that happens in Oberlin every spring. alskfdj I love parades so much, guys. And Big Parade here is always really fun. Plus the thought of organizing things and getting to help plan events is, bizarrely, making me really happy. (follow in President Obama's footsteps, self! Woo, community organizing!)

The second has this as a course description:

Oberlin OutLoud: Audio Journalism and Podcasting

Annie Strother and Emmy Brockman

Are you a compulsive listener of public radio? Do you dream of being the next Ira Glass? Has Terry Gross ever been the highlight of your day? Then let's hang out! This class will discuss audio storytelling and documentary, journalistic responsibility, sound production, new media technology, and peer editing. Together, we will produce a series of podcasts telling stories from the Oberlin community, past and present. We all know Oberlin characters whose amazing stories deserve to be shared. Now's your chance to record and present their experiences to the rest of the world.

Ahhh, so cool you guys. So cool. I would have to get over my terror of approaching people I don't know and talking to them but, you know. that's probably a good thing to get over.

Then there are a bunch of other excos I really want to take, and most likely don't have time for aslkdfj but I was thinking of picking one and seeing if I can fit it in? I made a list to choose from:

*Storytelling Workshop
*Elementary Korean
*Introduction to Japanese Taiko Drumming
*Fearless Knitting
*Go (yes, the Hikaro no kind :P)

Probably going to try to get into storytelling, if I decide to do one of these, but gosh I really want to take the korean class ahhh. And I also have always wanted to take the taiko class too. And I could finally actually learn how to play go! And knit sweaters! asdjasdf

So help me out, people.

Should I try to do both the big parade exco and the audio journalism exco?

They both sound amazing, so yes. Go for it!
Doing both sounds stressful. Stick with the Big Parade one. Yay organizing!
Doing both sounds stressful. Stick with the audio journalism one. Because NPR is for winners.
Don't do either. Sit in your room and study, stupid.

Which other exco should I sign up for?

You're worried about the other two being two much but still are signing up for more?

Blah. Now I actually need to do my work.
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